TORQ Winter Shandy Gel – Boosting Your Performance With Beer

torq-winter-shandy-gel-adnams-breweryOne of the first energy gels I ever used was TORQ’s Rhubarb & Custard flavour, which is without doubt the nicest tasting gel I’ve ever had. On tough Ironman training rides and long runs, the thought of rewarding myself with a great tasting gel made all the difference.

Now as a real ale fan and triathlete, hearing TORQ had created an energy gel made with real Ghost Ship beer from Adnams Brewery, was a dream come true. The post/mid ride coffee is an integral part of a weekend club ride, with caffeine gels being commonplace, but why can’t we have beer?! This gel is the ideal solution and the effects of alcohol in Winter Shandy isn’t an issue, as you’ll need to down 34 of the 1.2% ABV gels to consume the same amount of alcohol in half a pint of regular Adnams Ghost Ship.

I found the perfect time to test Winter Shandy after flagging a little on this morning’s club ride. At an opportune moment I tentatively squirted a little into my mouth and instantly got the sweet taste of the cheap lemonade that you would associate with any pub shandy (this isn’t a negative, it’s amazing how spot on they’ve got the taste). Hot on the heels of this comes a really natural beer flavour that cuts through the sweetness with the bitterness of real ale. Well Torq have done it, another adventurous flavour to an already impressive range, which offers a novel change to a plethora of so so flavours on the market.

On top of the amazing taste, this gel has no preservatives, colours, artificial sweeteners and only uses natural flavouring, which when you consider how many gels you get through on a long training session, is an important factor. Also the gel is wheat and dairy free and suitable for vegans.

This limited edition gel will be available in stores all over the UK and online from week commencing 26 September.

Note to anyone with concerns about consuming alcohol in gels – Etixx have been producing a guarana and ginseng energy gel for the last nine years, with 2,95% alcohol which is a by-product of the process to extract guarana/ginseng. To quote them “The alcohol is kept in the product due to the fact that during development Etixx found out that it was a lot faster absorbed with alcohol than without. The very small amount of alcohol triggers the saliva to be active. More saliva productions give to the body the signal that food is available, so the body faster absorbs the carbohydrates.”


About swimcyclerun

I’m a newbie runner (started in April 2010) and lapsed keen cyclist. I want to improve my swimming so I can complete a Sprint triathlon. I decided to do a triathlon on a complete whim, spurred on by the realisation of my own mortality [sad bit coming up]… brought about by my family being victims of cancer and me having the BRCA1 gene mutation. I’m serious when I need to be, but do try and keep things quite light hearted.
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